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Therefore, GO and make disciples of all nations

“Therefore, GO and make disciples of all nations…”
Matt. 28:19.

This all too familiar command can easily become a backdrop to other events in our lives that are more pressing, or at less seem to be more pressing in the moment.  However, when we keep this command in the fore we not only please God, but also give men and women the chance to break free from their imprisonment and come to know the God we serve.
Let’s GO! 

Jonathan’s Out and About

Life Abundant has received a grant to attend the Bible-Based Trauma Healing training.  The training is available through a relationship with Wheaton College and a unique partnership between American Bible Society and Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association. According to ABS, “Trauma torments more than one in seven people worldwide. Many feel trapped in a cycle of reliving their pain and struggle to believe that God can heal their wounds. But we know, that Scripture contains a message of hope that can bring lasting healing.” 

We also know that trauma has particularly affected men and women – before, during, and after incarceration.  This training will help equip staff and volunteers to more effectively meet the needs of our population.

Special thanks to Jennifer Duncan, with ABS, and Dr. Karen Swanson, with CMCA, for the opportunity to serve this population.  For Christ and His Kingdom…

“What a privilege to be able to share with you…Thirteen years ago started my journey of realization that a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ is critical in living a victorious, abundant and free life in Christ.  It was during a 3 ½ month incarceration that God used the ministry of Life Abundant, along with other mentors, to show me this truth.  God opened my eyes to see that Christ alone, and a daily intimate walk with him, was needed to stay on the path of recovery and live free from the bondage which so easily beset me” Crystal.

Testimonies – God at Work

It is such a blessing to know that one of our Alumni is now reaching back to help others navigate the difficult road of reentry.  Dennis, who has been free for some years, is a willing mentor, coach and confidant for men who are seeking accountability and successful reentry.  Way to go Dennis!!!

Our Impact

Because of support from the local community, we have been able to introduce men and women to Christ and help some with housing, employment and to reconnect with the church.  Post-release, Timothy, Tiffany, Sarah, and Michael have found success because of the support. 
We have also witnessed:

49 Professions of faith in Jesus the Christ!!!  
18 Program, employment and church referrals
  5 Former mentees serving in ministry to date*

We – a handful of staff members and volunteers – average more than 1,500 hours of work and reach 4,000 inmates in Bucks County and the surrounding area each year.

What’s New

The Prison & Beyond Initiative is underway.  We are in the midst of expanding our reach and resources into the local community.  We have already begun working more closely with BCCF officials to help draft new programs and connect men and women to needed resources.  There is much work ahead but with God, we know that all things are possible.

We Need YOU

Micro-volunteer opportunities.  As we enlarge our footprint, it has become evident that we are in need of volunteer support – namely to help with small office projects and data-gathering, most of which can be done remotely and typically takes around 1 hour a week
Please contact us if you are led to assist in any way.

Our Annual Fundraising Banquet 

Our Annual Fundraising Banquet was a blessing to us and a demonstration of our thanks to God.  Angela and Carolyn  showed us what can happen when we take a little bit of our time to invest in someone else.  At the annual event, we were also able to showcase the new logo and theme and hint at the direction that God is leading this ministry.  Oh, what a night  ♫ ♫ ♫
Special THANKS to all of our supporters!

Life Abundant, Inc. Board of Directors (Lisa and W. Wilson not pictured)
Regina and Ruth greeting guests.
Mentor Carolyn and Angela sharing.

Stories from the Field

“I wanted to serve the Lord, but was not sure how I could be used.  Our Pastor of Outreach asked if I would be willing to help coordinate some local efforts to spread the Gospel. 
I gladly accepted the opportunity and by April had become aware of Life Abundant Ministries,”  Jeannette, Mentor.

“I thank God that you were able to visit with my son.  He isn’t very close with anyone and I think the visit did him some good.  He said he would contact you once he gets out.  It’s a start,”  Lori Ann, Mother.

“When I say I will provide someone with an answer to a question or will pray about their concerns, I try to make sure that I follow-up with answers or appropriate responses during the next session.  Following through with a mentee helps foster trust.  It’s true, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Patricia, Advisory Member.

Join US
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
October 19th 9:30-11:00am
First Baptist Church of Doylestown

All female volunteers, and those who have an interest in
learning more about prison ministry, are welcome
to join our Women’s Ministry Coordinator,
Regina Bready on the third Saturday of the month!
Contact Regina for more details:

Regional prayer meetings coming to a church near you.
More details to follow!

In His Service,
Jonathan H. Lewis, Executive Director
Regina Bready, Women’s Ministry Coor.
Ruth Haines, Administrative Assistant

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