Christian Principles

     Positive Change

A ministry focused on inmates and their families.

Life Abundant Ministry (LAM) is a ministry focused upon inmates of Bucks County Correctional Facility and their families. 

The prison system by their own admission does not rehabilitate. Sixty percent of ex-offenders in Bucks County return to prison at a cost of more than $26,000.00 a year several times during their life.  Life Abundant works to improve the community by reducing the cycle of recidivism. 

LAM strives to break the cycle of repeated imprisonment by introducing inmates, ex-offenders and their families to Jesus Christ. Through God's love and grace inmates overcome their addictions or other problems that were the cause of their repeated incarceration.  As inmates, ex-offenders and their families develop Christian principles in their lives they become productive members of our society. 

With the blessings of the prison administration, the LAM director and volunteers create relationships with inmates. For men and women who desire, we provide small group studies and fellowship. Inmates may also work with volunteers one-to-one for the purpose of building personal relationships with positive type people. 

Even though inmates are hidden and seldom on our minds, the fact is that we are all greatly impacted by the future course of their lives. 

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